JustinBeiber’s Latest Album Releasing in November

Justin-Bieber-Presale-barlcays-centerJustin Beiber is a famous Canadian songwriter and singer. He signed to RBMG when a talented manager found him through YouTube videos. Baby is the most successful till date single released by Justin Bieber. He has fans all over the world. He is just 22 but has performed more than his level.

Justin Bieber has planned to release his album in November. He is releasing after three years gap. He is well known for his personal issues than for his tunes. One of the streaming services-Tidel tweeted on Wednesday that Justin’s new album is will be released on November 13. It is Justin Bieber’s fourth album.

Justin Bieber admits himself as a Christian faith follower. He has told that he talk to God through prayer. In one interview, he has told that he is here because of God. He has expressed his father in one music video. It was released with the title #Pledge. It was with Brandon Burke. When he was questioned about sexual abstinence, he told that one should not have sex without loving the person. He also told that he does not trust in abortion. He added that abortion is almost like baby killing. When he was questioned about rape, he told that has not come to that position or stage and he could not judge that.

At present, Justin Bieber is residing in the United States. He has a temporary visa 0-1 visa because of extraordinary achievement or ability in a field.

Forbes has ranked Justin Bieber #2 under the list of highly paid celebrities under thirty years. He is at #1 position out of seven musicians on the list. He is a talented and youngest star. He has earned about $53 million within a year. Justin Bieber’s second studio album was released on November 01, 2011. He released Christian-themed Under the Mistletoe. It reached #1 position on Billboard 200. It was recorded that more than 210,000 copies were sold within one week of release.

Recently,Justin Bieber has not talked about his latest album releasing date. He has said that is his first song in the album will release on August 28. It comes with the title ‘what do you mean?’

He is a popular face in the social media. Justin Bieber has more than 66.3 million followers. He is said to be most famous person on Twitter after Katy Pery (fellow singer).

Justin Bieber has still not commented his album. When some media professionals asked, he told that it is personal.